Food is basically a part of everyday life of human being. Food is one important factor in sustaining the life of every individual. No matter how big or small, how thick or thin or even how popular or not the food is, if the taste of the food synchronize with the taste buds then think how amazing it is.

For breakfast, normally pancakes are served in dining tables. Although pancakes are sometimes thin, they are still delicious. One example of pancake found in Russia is called blintz. This type of pancake is usually thin which the leavening agent is lacking. This pancake is symbolically considered as Christian food. What is the reason why they considered it as Christian food? The reason for this is their culture. The culture present in that time traditionally prepares the pancake every end of winter to glorify the reincarnation of the sun. If they take a closer look, usually pancakes are round shape, they carried out with the idea that it the sun is also round shape.

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How to prepare blintz? There are several procedures that must be considered in making their own blintz. Here is the procedure:

  1. Prepare all the ingredients needed for making blintz
  2. Then, the dry and wet elements should be mix together until even
  3. Prepare the pan for cooking
  4. Heat the pan and pour a minimum oil that will be used for cooking the blintz
  5. If the pan is already heated, just pour a minimum amount of blintz mixture and upon pouring the mixture, they can roundly move the pan to cover the holes.
  6. Cook the pancake called blintz and look for bubbles if already stays in both sides.
  7. If the lower side of the blintz is already cooked, they can turn the other side cook it evenly. To flip if upside down, they usually use spatula since it is flat.
  8. If the blintz is already cooked, they can stack them into a clean plate for cooling.
  9. After which they can fill the blintz with whatever filling they want and fold it to secure the filling.

In preparing for the batter, combine only the water, egg and milk. These wet three ingredients are basically found in the kitchen. They can mix those three wet ingredients in a large and deep bowl to avoid excess. Some wanted to make their blintz unique in which they add unique elements like beer or carbonated water instead of regular water.

Other ways on how to cook this so called blintz is not only by frying but some baked it. No matter what kind of cooking they do, the outcome is still blintz. In other countries, there are different varieties of how blintz are arranged and served. If they will visit Eastern and Central Europe, they make blintz unique by adding grated apple, raisins and potato. Occasionally, they fill it up with their own filling called caviar. This filling contains with pasteurized fish eggs that comes from the belly of the fish and this fish are whitefish, lumpfish, salmon and other types of sturgeon.

If they are asking, what is the difference between blintz and crepe, let us take into closer look. If they are talking about blintz, it is a thin pancake that really symbolizes the tradition which is ritual and spiritual in their place. If they are wondering if how the Jewish eat it, well, they are consumed by Jewish as is. If they wanted to add extra ingredient, they can fill it up with their own taste. They usually fill it with fruits, jam, cheese, ground meat and other filling.

If they are talking about crepe which is popular in Europe is also a thin pancake which is made from eggs, flour, butter, pinch of salt and milk. It is usually divided into two types which is sweet crepe, made of slightly sweetened and wheat flour and the other one are savory galettes which is made from unsweetened and buckwheat flour.

Blintz has a purpose in the Jewish country because it is part of their culture. They deeply internalize the process on how to make blintz perfectly. They wanted to preserve the culture which brought them to have purpose in life. In some reason, the quality of every blintz made should be perfectly produced. The ability to create amazing blintz is highly recommended all around the world because pancakes normally are only made up of batter which is starch based. Some countries like North America uses a raising agent called baking powder but in Britain they are not using the so called leavening agent.

In Lithuania, this blintz are traditional meal thru Fat Tuesday while buckwheat blini can be found in Russian cuisine on the other hand, the meal called blintz is spreading widely in Ukraine. No matter what flavour is present; still the same old blintz is what the food lovers and bloggers are looking for. Remember all the procedure mentioned above and who knows, they can make their unique and original blintz.

In other countries, rice is replaced with blintz with the fact that rice is heavier in the stomach than in blintz. It does not mean that they will always eat blintz instead of rice. Since it is very easy to prepare, they would likely made the blintz. Not only it is easy to prepare but the ingredients or elements like egg, milk and flour can be easily found in the kitchen.

Take into consideration that the food called blintz is essential and important in Jewish people. Do not forget that it is not only cook through frying but baking as well. If they want to prepare this kind of food or delicacy then it is just a matter of time to prepare. This reason in preparing is enough that if they wanted to experience and taste the food which is called blintz. If they wanted to plan and serve it the way the Jewish people did, then follow the rules and procedures mentioned above to capture the essence and formality of their culture.